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Affair investigation on Bill Gates: what Microsoft has to say?



Affair investigation on Bill Gates

Microsoft is one of the most popular and successful technology companies. Its founder, Bill Gates, has always made it to the news as one of the wealthiest persons in the world. Recently his divorce from Melinda became a headline. Bill Gates has appeared in the news once again. Don’t you want to know the reason? Bill Gates has left his own company, Microsoft, and alleged that he had been in an affair with an employee. There has been an affair investigation on Bill Gates is also going on. This article would look into all the details of this news and what implications can this have. But before that, let’s take a quick look at Bill Gates and his relationship with other Microsoft employees. 

Who is Bill Gates

Who is Bill Gates

Bill Gates, also called William Henry Gates3, is the co-founder of Microsoft inc.  Bill Gates was born in 1955 in Washington. He had an interest in software programming and coding from childhood. In 1975 after dropping out from Harvard University, Bill Gates collaborated with Paul Allen to establish a personal computer software industry named Microsoft. Today it is the world’s largest personal computer software company. He also diverted a part of his income for philanthropic work and laid the foundation of the Bill and Melinda Foundation. 

He is presently 65 years old, is the fourth wealthiest person in the world. 

Bill Gates and Microsoft: 

Bill Gates and Microsoft

Bill Gates had been the CEO of Microsoft till the year 2000. Even after stepping down from the post of Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates remained Microsoft’s board member. He left the chairmanship of the Microsoft board in 

But continued to be a member of the board. But last year, in March 2020, he left his position as a Microsoft board member. The decision was taken to give more time to his foundation and philanthropy work. 

Bill and Melinda separation after 27 years: 

Bill and Melinda

Several days before, Bill and Melinda had announced their divorce decision. But they said that they would continue working together for the success of the Bill and Melinda Foundation. Before their divorce, the two had also agreed upon the division of property and assets. The duo possessed multi-million dollar property in Washington, Wyoming and Florida. You will be amazed to know that the worth of their primary residence at Medina, Washington is approx. 127 million dollars. 

The two had met when Melinda joined Microsoft in 1980. The couple has three children. But giving the rationale of space and privacy, the two moved apart after 27 years. 

The present allegations on Bill Gates: 

The present allegations on Bill Gates

Microsoft has clarified recently that it is an affair investigation on Bill Gates ‘ 20-year-old affair, about which the company received a complaint in 2019. They had also appointed a law firm in 2019 to investigate Bill Gates‘ relationship. 

Bill Gates’ decision to leave Microsoft Board last year also seemed related to this affair matter. Reputed Wall Street Journal had claimed that Bill Gates’s decision to step down from the post of a board member had asked Bill Gate to step down from the Board member post after finding his affair with a female employee.  But Microsoft has denied all these claims. 

The probe began after an employee filed a complaint in 2019 claiming that Mr Bill Gates had tried to start an intimate relationship with her in 2000. Microsoft is determined to provide maximum support to that lady who raised this concern. 

The complaint has come to the limelight after the divorce of Bill Gates and Melinda after 27 years of marriage.

Even it us claimed that Bill Gates had accepted a long-running affair with Cortana. 

What Bill Gates’ has to say in this regard

What Bill Gates' has to say in this regard

Bill Gates’ did not come directly with any claim for refuting the allegations made by Microsoft. But his spokesperson Bridgitt Arnold revealed a relationship 20 years before, but it had ended amicably. She also clarified that this affair matter and Bill gates stepping down from the Microsoft board is nowhere related. 

She also showed her displeasure for so many false claims and allegations against Bill Gates’. 

Other allegations on Bill Gates during his tenure: 

ther allegations on Bill Gates during his tenure
  1. During his tenure as CEO, he had been charged with anti-competitive tactics. 
  2. The New York Times also reported ‘questionable conduct of Bill Gates in work-related matters.’
  3. Even The times had reported several instances of Bill gates making an overture to companion women, both in Microsoft office and the philanthropic foundation, Bill and Melinda Foundation. 
  4. In 2018 when a sexual harassment case against Michael Larson, money manager of Bill gates was filed, Bill gates preferred a confidential settlement Which his wife did not even like. This kind of casual behaviour also attracted criticism for Bill gates. 
  5. Bill gates was also criticised for his nearness to Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused in a girl’s trafficking case. THis wife did not even like this. It is claimed that owing to this, Melinda filed divorce proceedings in court. 
  6. In 2006 there have been claims that Bill Gates had emailed a private dinner invitation to a female Microsoft employee. He even wrote some words that further make this invitation objectionable. Look at the words: “If this makes you uncomfortable, pretend it never happened”. 
  7. Even at a Cocktail party, Gates told a female from Bill and Melinda foundation that he wants to see her and will she have dinner with her? 
  8. The employees were also seen gossiping about his clumsy approach to women. Some said that he never pressurised any women for sexual favours but advanced such proposals and gave them a choice to refuse. 
  9. Some people had also heard Gates saying that he is not happy in his marriage to his money manager, Epstein. 

People’s reaction to this news: 

Some people seem ok with this news because they believe that if someone wants to leave with another person, there is nothing terrible about it. After all, he has taken a divorce from his legal wife. 

Some took this as very funny and said that it’s even good grief to be in a relationship with Bill Gates. 

Some are even wondering that how can a busy guy like Bill gates have time for an affair? 

What can be the implication if the decision comes against Bill Gates?

Financial implications:

The first concern is economic. Bill gates, which is presently one of the wealthiest persons in the world, holds a prominent position in the world economy. So if the charges of the sexual affair came to be accurate, there are chances that people will lose trust in Microsoft, and the shares of the company would reduce. Also, the prominent philanthropist organisation run by Bill gates by the name of bill and Melinda foundation can bear profound implications. 

Lack of women security even in big tech companies like Microsoft:

If the allegation charges, affair investigation on Bill Gates, are true, there are indeed women security concerns even in the top tech companies. There can be a strong protest from women activists regarding this objectionable behaviour from one of the top influential billionaires of the world. 


This article looked at all the particulars of the affair investigation on Bill Gates. Although the enquiry is going on, there are severe reputation and other concerns. The matter can trigger a series of undesirable events. But at the same time, truth must prevail. People have different opinions about the news. Let’s see what decision Microsoft takes against its own founder, Bill gates taking into account all the evidence and complaints.

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Car ploughs into the Dussehra crowd kill 1

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Statement of Sonia Gandhi

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About the Elections

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After the pandemic and lockdowns, This is the first in-person  Congress meeting

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Singhu border murder case 

It was on 15th October 2021, early Friday morning when a semi-naked and mutilated corpse was found at the site of farmers’ protest from a police barricade which was upside down at Delhi Haryana border. The right foot and left hand were cut off from the victim’s body. 

One Nihang Sikh detained by Haryana Police 

One Nihang Sikh detained by Haryana Polic

On Friday (15th October 2021), Haryana Police took hold of one person involved in the Singhu border murder case. ‘Nihang’ surrendered to the police taking the whole responsibility for the murder. 

On Friday evening, Nihang Sikh Saravjit Singh surrendered to police and he will be produced before the court on Saturday (16th October 2021).

The family of the victim is seeking justice. The victim’s name is Lakhbir, 35 and resided in Cheema Khurd village in Tarn Taran district of Punjab. His sister spoke to ANI and said that the reason for his death and who did it to him is unknown to them but they want justice at the earliest. 

The Superintendent of Sonipat Police said that clues have been found at the crime scene. Investigating the reason for the victim’s death, Nihang said that the victim desecrated the holy scripture – Sarbaloh Granth and that is the reason he killed him. 


The Kisan Morcha has subsided themselves and said in a press statement that they have no connection with the murder, Nihang Sikh and the victim. They offered support to the police. M L Khattar, the Chief Minister of Haryana held a meeting to discuss the matter at his residence and told him actions will be taken.

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