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Is COVID-19 Virus created in Chinese labs? Learn about it here!



COVID-19 Virus created in Chinese labs

We all are familiar with the rising covid cases. The COVID pandemic, which started in December 2019, seems to have no end. The disease started in Wuhan, China and engulfed the whole world. There have been several theories about the COVID outbreak, which has compelled scientists to do more research to find the actual cause. Recently there have been rumours that this COVID-19 Virus created in Chinese labs. This rumour finds concrete evidence in a 22-page report of biophysics discovery. In this article, we will delve deep into this issue and look at the expert opinion about China’s role in making the  COVID-19 vaccine. 

A detailed look at a study published in the Quarterly Journal of Review of Biophysics discovery

Review of Biophysics discovery

Recently the Quarterly Journal of review of Biophysics Discovery wrote twenty-two pages on the role of Chinese scientists in making the deadliest virus, the COVID virus. The study says that the COVID-19 Virus created in Chinese labs in Wuhan. It was also revealed that a reverse engineering version of the virus was also made, and it was tactfully shown that the virus has naturally appeared from Bats. 

The study further says that the Chinese scientists were working on a project named ‘Gain of Function’. The fact that the Covid virus has no ‘credible natural ancestor’ further supports that it is made artificially. 

British professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian scientist Dr Birger Sorensen have released this research paper revealing that Chinese scientists had used Chinese cave bats’ backbone and created it into this deadly virus using some genetic tools. A study of the COVID-19 samples clarified that manipulation of viruses in labs is responsible for this new virus. 

Unfortunately, even after having concrete evidence about Chinese retro engineering, Dalgleish and Sorensen were not taken seriously by media, academicians and popular journals. 

The duo also mentioned how Chinese scientists were silenced, and this utmost vital information was concealed. collects all this research. Mr Dalgleish also believes that the virus managed to escape from the ‘Gain of Projects’ institute area. 

Mr Soresen also revealed the reason for the infectious and deadly nature of the virus. He says that the spike contains four amino acids. These acids have a positive charge while the human body has negative control. This positive charge combines tightly with the human body’s negative charge and creates a deadly infection. 

Other pieces of evidence to support that virus are made in labs

evidence to support that virus are made in labs
  1. If it had been a natural Virus, it wouldn’t have been so infectious, and the mutation wouldn’t have been so fast as it is presently. 
  2. The retro engineering Found in the COVID samples also reflects that Chinese scientists have tactfully made this COVID-19 Virus created in Chinese labs. 
  3. The Gain of function on which Chinese scientists were working is making the natural virus more infectious. This also points towards the possibility of deliberate manufacturing of the COVID virus. This Gain of function project is so hazardous that it has been banned in the USA due to its deadly impact. 
  4. The disappearance of Chinese scientists suddenly after the covid Vaccine outbreak shows that the situation is suspicious. 
  5. Also, as told by Sorensen, the spike contains four amino acids. But he says that a natural organism can’t possess three or four positively charged elements, i.e. amino acids together. This again points out that it is genetically altered. 
  6. Further, even if we say that China did not play a role in this, why is China resisting adamantly that the virus is artificial, even when it is known that Wuhan institute of virology, China used to experiment on increasing infectiousness of viruses. 

The earlier reports supporting China’s role in making the COVID virus

China's role in making the COVID virus

This is not the first instance where a report claimed that China has purposefully manufactured the COVID-19 virus. In Feb 2020, a molecular biomechanical researcher named Botao Xiao published a research report where he held Chinese Labs in Wuhan are responsible for making this virus. But the Chinese government denied any such information, and the news was also withdrawn after a few weeks. 

Besides this, Wall Street Journal had also published an article on the illness and hospitalisation of three Chinese scientists and later, COVID cases started coming up in China. Coincidentally, the three scientists showed similar symptoms. This showed that China knew about the virus, which also led to criticism of China’s initial COVID cases handling. 

Also, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists had published an article written by Nicholas Wade, a renowned New York journalist. The report also gave concrete evidence about how the virus leaked from Wuhan Labs rather than occurring naturally. As the COVID cases began from the same city where Chinese scientists performed ‘gain of function experiments’, the chances of China’s role in COVID-19 manufacturing are high. 

Even an Australian newspaper came up with an article on China’s strategy on Bioweapons for the third world war. The report found support from a Chinese document on ‘weaponization of SARS coronavirus’. 

Likely Outcomes of the report: 

Likely Outcomes

If these reports are accurate, then there can be severe repercussions. As we know, the COVID pandemic has seriously affected many large economies, including the USA and India, and it has taken almost 3.5 million lives globally. This points towards the deadliest aspect of bio wars as planned by China. Also, it can lead to global tensions and stringent sanctions on the Chinese government. 

China is already criticised for not revealing the early covid cases. This report will add fuel to the fire of ongoing debate on the outbreak of the virus and the alleged Chinese role. 

China’s response: 

China's response

Seeing that some famous academicians have started believing that China is behind this virus, China is firmly rejecting these reports and claiming that these reports and rumours are only ‘a conspiracy by US intelligence agencies.’ Shifting the onus on the US govt, Chinese authorities said that this virus could have also come up from American labs who might be trying to divert attention. 

China further states that it strongly supports the study into the origins of the COVID-19 virus. It would also acknowledge an investigation into top biological labs, thus indirectly pointing towards the US. 

Response from US and WHO

Response from US and WHO

Since this report gives concrete evidence about the role of Chinese labs in making this virus, US president Joe Biden has ordered Us intelligence agencies to prepare a piece of information about Chinese role in COVID-19 origin. The deadline for the report is 90 days.

The former US PRESIDENT, Donald Trump, also said that he had pointed towards China’s role in making this virus from the very beginning. Dr Anthony Fauci, the USA expert, also calls for a detailed study to claim that this virus has not occurred naturally. Knowing the original cause would also help in better understanding of Precautions and treatment.

 WHO (World Health Organisation) Director-General Tedros Adhenom had also sent an international team to study China’s role in the COVID-19 outbreak, but due to inadequate data, the report remained inconclusive. So there are chances that WHO sends other teams for further studies. 

Closing words

Covid fury is a problematic situation for every one of us. The reports that it is not nature’s fury but a foolish attempt of our neighbour, China, to manipulate the viruses has made everyone anxious. The recent study supports that China’s mishandling of viruses led to this global pandemic. But concrete evidence is yet to come up. Various top countries like the USA and organisations like WHO are trying to develop a detailed study on the real cause of COVID-19. If China is responsible for this COVID-19 Virus created in Chinese labs, then this can have severe consequences for not only China but the entire world. It can lead to deadly bio wars and disharmony among nations. Let’s see what the ultimate report says about COVID-19 Virus created in Chinese labs. Stay tuned with us for more COVID-19 and other current affair updates.

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