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Things you need to know about India’s New vaccine policy




Covid new policy

Covid vaccination has gained momentum in India after the constant rise in Cases. Things you need to know is the rising cases have propelled the government to take stringent steps. In another important move related to vaccination in India. The central government has announced several changes to the vaccination policy of India. The government has allowed all 18+ to take vaccines from 1st May. Therefore it becomes important to have at least a basic knowledge about this vaccine policy. So in this article, we will tell you about the new vaccine policy as outlined by the center. 

Details of the New Vaccine policy released by the Government: 

  • Migrant workers to be vaccinated soon: Although it is true that in the government’s vaccination policy frontline workers and medical staff will remain a priority. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked states to inform the migrant workers. They will be vaccinated soon and they don’t need to leave their jobs. This announcement is probably made by the center to avoid the large-scale migration of workers that happened last year. 
  • Vaccines to all working-age people: You need to know that Initially vaccine policy was limited to only health workers. Adults who had crossed a certain age limit or had comorbidities. But in relief to the working-age people above 18 years. The Centre has announced that all above 18 years of age are eligible to get vaccinated. This will surely help those people whose jobs don’t support work from home setup. 
  • Flexible pricing, procurement, and administration: You need to know that The central government has further said that it would try to make the pricing of vaccination, its procurement, and administration to eligible citizens open and flexible. Also, all stakeholders are permitted to supply vaccines as per local needs. 
  • Vaccine Supply-side changes: You need to know that As per the new vaccination policy center will get only 50% of manufactured vaccines while the rest 50% can be bought by states or private hospitals or any industrial unit for its workers, at a price determined by manufacturer and government. This is different from the earlier policy in the sense that before this policy, all doses were obtained by the central government and given to states according to demand and other criteria. 

The vaccines procured by the central government are supplied to different states on the basis of the number of COVID cases. Wastage of doses, and performance of the state. But these will be only for the prioritized group (health workers, Paramedical staff and frontline workers. You need to know that those above 45 years of age with co morbidities). So it can be observed that the burden of providing vaccines to 18-45 age group people will fall either on states or private entities. 

  • Mandatory price declaration by manufacturers and private hospitals: You need to know that the government has asked manufacturers to declare in advance the price that they are going to charge for the vaccines. Besides manufacturers, private hospitals are also required to announce a price for providing vaccines. 
  • States and private hospitals can also use imported vaccines: The center has allowed states and private hospitals to procure ready-to-use imported vaccines instead of domestically made Covaxin and Covishield. But this move seems very strange since the government had already given approx. 4500 crore to the two leading domestic manufacturers ( Rs. 3000 crore Serum Institute of India and Rs. 1567 Crore to Bharat Biotech) for vaccine supplies. 

Need for new vaccine policy: 

The very first question that comes to our mind after reading the new vaccine policy is why did center open the vaccination drive for all 18+ instead of the earlier priority group, SO here is the answer: 

  • States were demanding to make all 18+ eligible for getting a vaccination. 
  • This would cover all people of working age. 
  • May 1 was decided because it was thought that till then a majority of the vulnerable section will get vaccinated. 

Problems with this strategy: 

  • Vaccination strategy that includes all 18+ in vaccination campaigns will put the burden on existing supply: The major problem with the center’s plan to include all 18+ in vaccination drive is that the country is already suffering from inadequate medical equipment and vaccination effort to prioritized groups is also falling short. So if another 600 million (as expected after all 18+ allowed to take vaccines) people became eligible for vaccination drive it will put the burden on the existing vaccine supply because there is very little hope of fresh supply in such a short period of one week. 
  • The burden of Vaccination to 18-45 yr age group people will fall on states and private institutions rather than Center: As outlined earlier, the 50% vaccines doses procured by the government will only be for priority group so 18-45 years aged people will be dependent on states and private institutions for vaccination. Although some states like Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Kerala, and Madhya Pradesh have already announced that they will administer free vaccines to all eligible citizens, it is yet to be seen if other states will also take similar action. Further, this is an extra burden on already depleting state treasuries. 
  • The end goal of protecting lives is sacrificed by making a free market for vaccines: You need to know that according to experts this policy that liberalizes vaccine procurement will negatively affect financially strained population and lead to inequality along with the rise in prices. They further say that the government has chosen the worst method by sacrificing the end goal of protection of lives by allowing private players to procure 50% of doses. Also if it can said that after making all 18+ eligible for vaccines, the maximum population will be vaccinated from only 50% of all doses (the state and private entity share) which is in itself discriminatory. 
  • Production is limited but demand will be unlimited: another concern after opening up procurement to private individuals and states is that how will manufacturers decide whom to give supply first. Since production will be limited and demand for doses will be unlimited, there are chances of the demand-supply gap. Earlier it was not there because the center had to procure all the doses. 

Let’s look at the doses and expected prices of different vaccines available in India: 

  • Sputnik V, the Russian vaccine maker can supply approx. 850 million doses. It supplied by Dr. Reddy’s in India and according to them, they can procure around 4 million doses per month. The expected price is Rs. 750
  • Serum Institute of India can ramp up its capacity to 100 million doses per month. The price expected to be Rs. 400 for the state government and Rs. 600 for private hospitals. This is far more than the center’s procurement rate of Rs. 157.50 
  • Bharat Biotech (the Covaxin maker) can provide 10 million doses per month. The price didn’t announced yet but it will be set to cover all costs. 
  • The total of these doses will be around 115 million doses per month. It is a saddening thing that this is only 10% of the total demand. 


In this article, we provided a holistic look at the new vaccine policy. The concerns raised by stakeholders and experts seem genuine. High risks associated with this new policy seem more harmful than beneficial. It is therefore important for the government to address these concerns because any decision taken in haste has the potential to destroy all efforts of the government to control COVID-19 in India.

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Look at these Hina Khan Father memories by her- hina khan father death




hina khan father

Hina Khan, aka Akshara, became popular with her role as Akshara in Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata hai. She was also seen in Kasauti Zindagi Kay Season 2 as Kamolika and in Bigg Boss season 12.  We often see the reel life of these famous celebs, but real-life remains far from our sight. But social media has made it possible to peek into their lifestyles. Many stars post a lot of photos and messages on their Instagram handles. She is also pretty active on her Instagram handle, @realhinakhan. Hina Khan shares her father memories after losing her father to a cardiac arrest. Hina khan father memories were a reflector of her love for her father. 

So this article will give you details about the notes and photos that Hina Khan has shared about her father. 

What does Hina Khan say about her father

Hina Khan, who has recently lost her father, was seen sharing the beautiful memories of her father on her Instagram story. Hina’s father, Aslam Khan, got a cardiac attack and died as a result on April 20. Hina khan father death was a major shock for her. 

It is said that the bond between father and daughter is extraordinary. So it’s natural to understand the grief and the mental trauma that Hina would be passing through. 

Hina shared many photos on her Instagram handle, along with little notes. 

In The first photo that she shared, Hina hugged her father, and the two were smiling. While his father was looking towards the camera, she was gazing at her father. With this picture, the actress wrote, “Just Keep smiling in heavens, my angel.” 

In another photograph of the two, both were laughing while looking at the camera. To this, Akshara, aka Heena Khan, captions, “My dear Daddy, I miss you.” 

She also uploaded some solo pictures of her father. In one image, his father, Mr. Aslam, was wearing a life jacket, and it looked as if he was snorkeling. In another photo, he was seen relaxing on a chair. In these pictures, Hina says that her father was full of life. 

Hina also posted a family photo. They were all facing towards the sun, and their back was facing the camera. While sharing this photo, Hina writes, “I know you will watch our back, we will always be together.” 

Hina also says that her father loved photography so much. She shared a selfie of her father and wrote this caption, “How you loved to photograph every moment,  Now that’s all we have.”

The last photo that she posted was showing her father with a Youtube Gold play button. It was given for his 10 million Youtube subscribers, and the picture was clicked in the celebration party for attaining 10 Million Subscribers. To this, she just attached three heartbroken emojis and wrote “no words.” 

Besides photos and these short notes, Hina also mentioned that she had tested COVID positive. She says that she had taken a break from her work due to her father’s death. But within some days of this depressing news, she tested COVID positive. She also felt sorry that she couldn’t console her mother in these challenging times because COVID is a contagious disease. 

She also shared the depressing experience with her fans by writing that she has been tested positive in these complicated situations for her and her family. So she is house quarantined and will take necessary measures to fight the deadly virus. Hina has also urged all his friends and other people who came in her contact to get themselves tested. 

She asked for some prayers from her fans and concluded the post by saying, “be Safe and take care.” 

Hina also gave a positive message to her 12.4 million followers that, in these challenging times, we should remember the saying that tough times don’t stay forever, but tough people do. 


Hina Khan has rightly said that we need to be tough to fight these tough times. Follow COVID safety guidelines and stay safe and healthy. More Power to those who lost their loved ones in these times owing to pandemics or any other cause. But we must remember that we are not alone, and the whole world is fighting with us against this deadly virus. Still, we have to ensure that we play our part by taking vaccines, wearing proper masks, maintaining social distancing, and following other COVID safety protocols.

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RLD chief Ajit singh death due to covid, PM, and others condoled his death




Ajit singh


The fury of COVID-19 has led to many deaths. People have lost their loved ones, and some are still living in that fear. Adding one more number to the death tally of COVID-19, Rashtriya Lok Dal has lost its chief, Ajit singh death due to covid. Ajit Singh was 82 years old, and he had tested COVID positive. His treatment was done at a hospital in Gurugram. Prominent leaders, including PM Narendra Modi, came forward to condone his death. Let’s look at his life and last days. 

The situation before death

As we know, COVID casualties are rising, and many prominent leaders have been tested positive for COVID-19. RLD chief Mr. Ajit Singh was also tested positive for COVID-19 on 20th April along the same row. He had developed a lung infection and had been admitted to a private hospital in Gurugram. He was kept on a ventilator in ICU. But unfortunately, his condition deteriorated, and he died at 8:20 Am on 6th May 2021. The news was told to the Media by Ajit Singh’s secretary. His son, Jayant Chaudhary, a former MP, gave this news on his Twitter handle. 

Let’s know more about his life and political career. 

Ajit Singh (1939-2021) 

Ajit Singh was the son of former union minister Chaudhary Charan Singh. Being graduated from IIT, Kharagpur, and Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Ajit Singh worked in the US computer Industry for 15 years. When he returned to India, he continued his father’s legacy and gained popularity in Uttar Pradesh. He elected to Rajya Sabha in 1986, and this marked the beginning of his political achievements. Then he became a member of Lok Sabha seven times and a Union Cabinet Minister four times. 

Ajit Singh had been notorious for changing sides because he joined Lok Dal, then Congress, and then allied with BJP. If we look at his political career, he first became Union minister in the VP Singh Government. In Congress term, he became food Minister for the PV Narasimha Rao government. But he left that party and formed RLD (Rashtriya Lok Dal). Finally, he allied with the BJP government and supported Atal Bihari Bajpayee. After that he became the Agriculture Minister. 

Again he left that alliance and stood with UPA (United Progressive Alliance) for UP elections. 

Overall his political career was full of ups and downs. 

Response and condolences from other leaders: 

Prominent leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, etc. Condoled his death. They said that Ajit Singh stood with farmers, labour, and other deprived sections. President Ram Nath Kovid also tweeted that he has left an irremovable mark on politics and gave condolence to the family and his friends. Other leaders who showed their support and consolation included Rahul Gandhi, UP CM Yogi Adityanath, and SP leader Akhilesh Yadav. 


Almost every day, we receive news of COVID deaths. So it is crucial to protect yourself by taking proper COVID safety protocols. 

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Indians tested positive at the G7 meet: Foreign Minister attend to the meet online.




Foreign Minister

The number of Covid positive people in İndia is constantly increasing. Many famous İndian personalities and celebrities have also been tested positive for this deadly disease. The significant impact of these rising CoVid cases on the economy can be seen easily. Many large nations have issued notice to their citizens not to travel to İndia due to the deadly Second wave. Many international events and meetings have also been impacted due to COVİD. Along the same lines,  the G7 summit scheduled to be held in Cornwall has featured headlines. Let’s see the issue and how S. Jaishankar,  the foreign affairs Minister of İndia, is concerned with the matter. 

News about 2 People found positive at G7 meet.

  • G7 is a group of seven countries, including the USA,  UK, France,  Germany,  Japan,  İtaly, and Canada.
  • The G7 foreign affairs and Development Ministers’ meeting was held in London. 
  • The first formal gathering of the summit was held on Tuesday evening with proper COVID guidelines. 
  • İndian Foreign Affairs Minister, S. Jaishankar, was also invited to the meeting. He went to London on a four-day visit to meet UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab at Chevening in Kent on Thursday. 
  • As a part of COVİD precautions,  Mr. S. Jaishankar and the accompanying delegations were tested for Covid-19. 
  • Out of these delegations,  two had tested positive for Covid-19. 
  • When Mr. Jaishankar came to know of this,  he tweeted that since he had been in the company of two Covid positive people, he would attend to the meeting virtually as a safety precaution. 
  •  This news comes as a piece of depressing news because this G7 Meeting was claimed as the first in-person summit since the pandemic broke.
  • The whole staff took all the necessary precautions for COVİD safety. The delegates were tested through an on-site testing facility with a testing capacity of up to 50 delegates per hour.
  • Strict social distancing rules for the whole summit and delegates were outlined. Even only a selected number of delegates were invited to prevent overcrowding and chances of COVID infection.
  • Though Mr. Jaishankar had to attend to the meet online, he talked with Antony Blinken, US state secretary, regarding the global pandemic challenge, vaccine production, and supply chains.
Dr. S. Jaishankar


The news highlights the precarious situation of COVID in the country. High delegates who remain under so much security and safety have been tested positive. Therefore we must take adequate measures to prevent ourselves from infection. Take vaccine doses if you are eligible, wear masks daily, wash your hands regularly, and follow other COVID safety guidelines. 

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