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8 Unique Ideas to Decorate Your House




From time to time, we all want to spice up our living spaces. The internet is filled with plenty of décor ideas that you can use. However, it isn’t easy to come by a source that provides unique ways to decorate your house. Surely, you want the guests in your house to be surprised at how well you have managed to decorate your house. Read through this amazing article, and you are going to find 8 unique ideas to decorate your house.

Add a Statement Piece

Statement Piece

If you want to amplify any particular living space in your house, the easiest way to do that is by adding a statement piece. This could be in the form of a painting, small sculpture, or even a quirky wall-clock. Some people also like to add a funky and big vase in one corner to make that the prominent piece in the room. What this does is, adds an instant depth to the room and brightens the room overall. When someone enters this particular space, they will be impressed by the colour play and whichever statement piece you have chosen. But remember not to add too many things. 

Make a Display Section

Display Section

We all have items that we like to collect over the years. This could be books, CDs, or even photographs. If you have any such item, make sure to build a display section against any empty wall and put all those up. If your collection has books or CDs, you can buy a nice and dark coloured wooden bookcase to keep them there. For photographs or other memorabilia, a metal rack can be a great option. Keep your eye out for display units with unique shapes and colours. These are automatically eye-catching and creates an alluring look for your house.

Add Some Green

Add Some Green

One of the easiest ways of adding some aesthetics to your house is by adding some green to it. You might be thinking that you have to buy green paint in bulk. But, no! Just buy some plants. Various kinds of plants are available in different shaped pots which will make your house look so much more beautiful. If you feel like you would not be able to maintain so many plants every day, you can also get plastic ones. Just adding two or three of these in a room depending on the size of the room adds a sort of identity to the room. This is also a whole new level of aesthetic. 

Fill Up the Walls

Fill Up the Walls

If you have any empty and large section of wall in your house, time to utilize that space! Various decorative pieces are now available online and in the market which you can buy and add some oomph to an empty wall. You can also put up a combination of your family pictures and paintings. Some people also like installing unique lights and lamps on empty walls. You can opt for painting your wall in a unique and dark colour and then put various patterns on it. There is a whole array of options, but empty walls are a no-no!

Buy Aesthetic Covers

Aesthetic Covers

If you feel bored with your old furniture and curtains, there is a quite easier way to change the same. Of course, you can’t buy new furniture every two years. But you can change your furniture covers from time to time and change the whole look of your room. Nowadays, plenty of aesthetic sofa and cushion covers are available at very low prices. Using these would instantly change the whole vibe of the room. Remember to buy covers that go with the colours of the wall. You can also buy curtains in the same way. Floral patterns and abstract patterns are trending nowadays!

Add Mirrors


One of the most underrated forms of house decorating items is mirrors. We simply ignore mirrors and limit them to our bathrooms and vanity. Now, it is time to change that. Big mirrors add the illusion of the space being bigger than it is. Look out for a big mirror with a unique frame that will go well with your room. Golden decorative frames are very popular among people these days. Similarly, you can also get smaller wall mirrors with a special frame and place that on any wall which seems to be empty. This will surely open up your living space even more.

Try Your Hands at DIY Projects

DIY Projects

If you are not able to find what all you were striving for, simply DIY it. DIY projects are fun, easy, budget-friendly, and most importantly, lets you have exactly what you want. You can use unique shaped bottles and containers as vases. Try your hands at tie-and-dye and make a lovely pattern for your curtains or cushion covers. Old CDS can also be utilized to make an artistic piece. Use a broken piece of old CDs to make your photo frame or mirror frame. The world is yours when it comes to DIY projects! For more ideas, you can look up on the internet and find several pocket-friendly and step-by-step guides.

Add Lighting


As you might already know, the lighting in any room plays a big role in how that living space will end up looking. In general, it is nice to have some natural light coming in all day. However, if that is not possible, you can always add artificial light. Adding a lamp with a quirky lampshade is an easy way of dealing with the lack of light issue and also, putting a statement piece in the room. If you are looking for something smaller, fairy lights can be a great option too. Electric candles add a more authentic and natural vibe to the house and depending on your taste, that can be added to.

With these unique ideas, no one can stop you from having a house of your dreams. It does not take a lot to redo your house. Just a few strategic changes can enhance your house’s overall atmosphere. 

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Top 10 Wedding Destinations in the World




wedding destination

Dates have now turned to the dream that every couple lives for! Is this the moment you two are going to be bound by the holy matrimony? The goal is to land up with the perfect location for your forever event! This is where the options on places matter more than anything. There are certain aspects that you keep in mind while booking the wedding venue. From the budget to aesthetics to availability, everything matters. It is not easy as it is thought to be, and in this matter, professional help should be relied on!

While going for a location, it is essential to note that the site has to be a place that appeals most to your aesthetics and what you two have picturized as a “yes”! Now, let us look at 10 of such most-sought-after locations in the world, for that big fat destination wedding!



This Greek island has been a big favourite for weddings across the world and will leave you amazed. The whitewashed houses cling to the superbly breath-taking cliffs and their famous cobalt blue roofs that match the endless span of the crystal-like clear ocean underneath. 

The wedding can be upgraded with a backdrop of the island’s volcanic sand beaches tinged with fiery copper sunset. Besides, you can head to the stunning black sand beaches of the island’s East coast or the red sand beach of the southern part of the archipelago for a change.



A location marked by an aisle of soft white, rhythmic to cascades of sparkly blue waves and the trophic atmosphere, creating the aura of a magical union, made in heavens! There are almost more than 3000 islands that make up this archipelago in the south pacific. 

The tropical oasis, palm trees lining the beaches, and lively coral reefs all welcome you with open arms. This could be your dream destination and the place that hosts all your dreams!



Tuscany lies at Italy’s heart and is one of the leading wedding destinations all credits to its culture, history, and romance! Tuscany’s capital Florence inhabits, the world’s most famous art and architecture. The Tuscan hills are just a short drive away, and you can also witness the endless fields of stunning vineyards. The gorgeous Italian destination will leave your guests mesmerized with its tranquil and romantic surroundings. 

The sunsets are so fantastic that they probably belong to an art gallery! A wedding in Tuscany will be a beautiful beginning to your splendid married life.



Rome holds close its old-world charm and has set a precedent for traditional marriages that have been seen to stand the test of time. The most prominent historic legends were born and fostered here in Rome, making it even more appealing and dream-like. The idea of a fairy-tale-like wedding can be fulfilled if you choose this venue and the timeless city will ensure that the stamp of eternal history is etched on your wedding memories!

The Trevi Fountain’s mesmerizing sites, Colosseum and Spanish Steps, can make you live your Roman dream! A wedding in Rome will be nothing short of magical!



Palaces that are bigger and just beyond what the eyes can view crystal clear blue skies, and lakes that are breathtakingly beautiful, Udaipur is one of the top wedding destinations. The palaces that dot the city host some of the grandest weddings possible and if you still do not believe it, it is better to come down and see all the luxury through your own eyes!

The colours just burst in the pictures taken here, and we are sure that you will love it when you visit. The added factors are that your guests will be able to explore all that Udaipur has to offer, and there wouldn’t be a single dull moment throughout the wedding festivities.



Agra is home to the iconic symbol of love and one of the most sought-after wedding locations in the world. The Taj Mahal in the backdrop and its lush gardens creating just the perfect background for the wedding pictures will become your timeless possessions and unmatchable. 

Through the years, it has seen a spurt in big-fat weddings along with several hotels and resorts coming up with wedding venues near the Taj Mahal. The experience will be just surreal and fantastic!



Marrakech used to be the imperial city of Morocco, and that could suggest the exquisiteness that you will come across! A highly appealing wedding and glimmer, then this could be your perfect stop! Marrakech will treat you to vibrant colours, exotic sights, and spice-haven flavours, besides it is the treasure trove of stunning middle eastern architecture. 

There is no denial that Marrakech has a host of beauties to be explored. You will be surprised to know that there are several resorts for the same, hosting grand weddings throughout the year. Make sure that you land up a spot if you wish to host your wedding there! 



Sicily is abundantly surrounded by the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and has beaches that will stun you with their brilliance! The landscape harnesses all beautiful elements, like sparkly waters, breath-taking mountains, a fuming volcano, and fresh island cuisine. It would be not surprising if you stumble about pictures of Byzantine mosaics, Arab castle ruins, an ancient Baroque palace, and several cobbled streets as you are going through dreamy locales to host your wedding!

French Riviera

French Riviera

This is the world’s first modern resort destination and has been the favourite vacation spot for several regions’ royalty in the nineteenth century. This became a hotspot for art legends like Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse and is now home to celebs like Sir Elton John and Brigitte Bardot. About 310 to 330 days of sunshine per annum and a coastline stretching to about 115 km across Saint Tropez, Cannes, and Monaco, it is one of the most pristine locations to get married in the world. The lush forests, sparkling blue water, breath-taking cliffs, and bright flowers will appeal to all your imaginative aesthetics! Make sure that French Riviera is on the top of your destination list.

 Sri Lanka

 Sri Lanka

A beautiful country tucked away in the Indian Ocean; it is a vibrant kaleidoscope of colours and an island full of wonders. The rainforests of Sri Lanka have elephants and sunsets that are so mesmerizing that they are postcard-picture perfect. The country has been the seat of Buddhism since time immemorial and is tinged with several Buddhist ruins. A wedding in Sri Lanka would be the backdrop for your dream wedding! 

Besides the vast wildlife, ancient temples, and the sparkly ocean, you can try sampling out some of the country’s delectable cuisine and get the hang of your wedding menu. The tableau experience will be worth a lifetime, making it a unique choice on the list.

We are sure that this super-inclusive list will help you, shuffle around the ideal location for your big day! These destinations are high on the oomph factor and will be a chic spot to take your vows. Get down with your partner and then your respective families, and get going on your dream wedding, we wish you luck and happiness!

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Top 8 Travel Tips to Keep in Mind Before Traveling




Travel Tips

Whether you are a frequent traveller or not, you would surely not give up an opportunity to take some time off to travel to a wonderful city. Travelling is not only a good way to take some time off from work, but it can also be educational. The more places one visits and the more people one interacts with, the more one horizons grow. However, travelling is also a tricky process. Multiple points need to be kept in mind while travelling. If you forget any of them by chance, it might conclude into a quite sticky situation. Hence, read these top 8 travel tips that you should surely keep in view before travelling.

Do Not Carry Expensive Items


Whether you are travelling solo or in a group, the wise choice would be to leave any expensive item at home. You should always research the country or city you are visiting to make sure that the location is safe for tourists, as well. But irrespective of how safe or unsafe that location is, carrying expensive things can never be a good idea no matter how responsible and careful you are. You might also end up losing the thing, and that would be a loss you can never recover from. As a pro tip, if you do have to carry any expensive item like any jewellery or fancy handbag, remember to carry that with you everywhere you go and be extra careful about not leaving it anywhere.

Make a Separate Bag for Travelling

Bag for Travelling

When you take a trip somewhere, of course, you will have to carry your large suitcases and luggage. But in addition to that, make sure to carry a backpack that you can take with you while you are exploring your destination. The backpack should be light but also spacious enough so that it can hold some necessary items. Especially if your plans include any adventurous activity, you should definitely carry your first-aid kit and two or three bottles of water. Other than that, carry a flashlight, some dry food, and other necessary items.

Prepare a Travel Agenda

Travel Agenda

It might be exciting to visit a new city or country completely unprepared and let spontaneous decisions guide you through your vacation. But in all honesty, that is not recommended. If you really want to enjoy your travel experience, the best course of action would be to map out a plan that you will follow during your vacation. This includes booking hotels in advance, arranging flight tickets, preparing a list of the main tourist spots, and also have an idea about the local eateries. You can also research about the region’s history and culture a bit prior to visiting the place so that you feel comfortable with their customs and rituals.

Try to Learn the Basics of the Local Language

Local Language

If your destination is to a completely foreign location, it might be in your best interest to at least learn the basics of the local language there. This will act as the best assistance for you in communicating with the locals and also empower you to some extent. You can be certain that no one is cheating you or taking advantage of you if you know the language that they speak. The internet has various websites, and there are mobile applications too, from where you can learn any language you want. Use this to your advantage, and at least make sure to learn how to speak some day-to-day phrases. 

Keep a Record of All Booking Confirmation

Keep a Record

Almost all bookings are made using the internet these days. Subsequently, your booking confirmation page is also shown on the webpage. Make sure you are taking out a screenshot of this webpage and keep it in a separate folder for future reference. You can also take a print out of the confirmation page and keep it in your file. In case you are ever in a place with little to no internet connection, you will be able to show the screenshot to the necessary authority. Otherwise, you might end up in a big hassle while trying to retrieve your documents online.

Carry Some Form of Entertainment

Carry Some

Travelling almost always means long hours of sitting idly in some form of transport. It could be a bus or an airplane. Hence, carrying some form of entertainment will save you from loads of boredom. You can pre-download any good movie, series, or your favourite songs to keep yourself occupied during your flight. Of course, you can also carry a book or a kindle, if you have one. For those who are travelling alone, music could be a very good company during your long hours of exploring a new and unknown city. Hence, surely carry one form of entertainment or the other to enhance your vacation.

Note Down All Important Phone Numbers

Note Down

When you are out travelling, it is of utmost importance that you note down all important and emergency numbers in a diary or phone book. This includes the number of your hotel, any taxi service, and the embassy, in case you are in a foreign country. In case you lose your phone, this diary or phone book will be your saviour. Apart from noting down numbers, keep the business card of the notable hotel you are currently staying in as well. If you somehow lose your way, you will be able to make it back using the address printed there. 

Stay Alert

Stay Alert

The most essential tip is to stay alert and have your eyes and ears open at all times. When you are in a new town or country, it is easy to be so engrossed in your surroundings that you lose your guard. But it has to be remembered that you are notably aware of your surroundings. This does not mean that you constantly try to analyze your surroundings and do not have fun. Just remember to not give out your personal information to strangers or other travellers. Keep check of your personal belongings and avoid isolated areas and streets. If you can be aware of the things around you, you will surely have a safe and secure trip. 

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10 best dialogues from Dear Zindagi You Can Always Relate To!




Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi is a 2016 Indian release written and directed by Gauri Shinde. The film stars Alia Bhatt, Shahrukh khan, Angad Bedi, Kunal Kapoor, Ira Dubey, Yashaswani Dayama, Rohit Suresh Saraf, and Ali Zafar in supporting roles. The movie unfolds important issues like depression. It focused on the circumstances and the daily struggles, today’s youth goes through but are not able to express.

Depression has always been a vulnerable topic of discussion, but Gauri Shinde’s beautiful piece allows one to connect with the deeper parts of mental health, it makes us realise how important it is to talk about depression, about what we are going through. In life, we all go through similar feelings and emotions; it’s just the experiences are different. The movie Dear Zindagi, a beautiful piece of art made all of us open about mental health as well!

The release of 2016, is still in our minds and we can’t get over it too. There are movies which leave their imprints on us because we learned a lot from them. I am going to list ten dialogues from dear Zindagi from which we all must have related and applied in our lives to make our life much more comfortable:

“Don’t let the past blackmail your present and your beautiful future.”

Don't let the past blackmail your present

How simple life would be if we live from day to day not caring about the past but to be in the moment And make those around you happy? Imagine how simple your life’s going to become if you do not care about anything related to your past. Just enjoy your present and plan out your future. 

But if you are easily able to forgive the damage done by your past, it is surely going to become the present. If this happens, you would never be able to escape from the same and it will surely trap you again. No matter what happens, you’ll have to learn to live in the present and always trust the future. Dear Zindagi has taught a lot on this. 

“Zindagi mein jab koi pattern Banta ya koi aadat banti dikhai de na, toh uske baare mein achhi Tarah se sochna chahiye, genius is about knowing when to stop.”

Zindagi mein jab koi pattern Banta ya koi aadat banti dikhai de na

If we do something over and over again, it becomes routine, and we see the same thing over and over again, it becomes routine. That is how it works with the extraordinary minds, the moment we break our good routine, we forget how it was, and we go off the track. We indulge ourselves in things that are not suitable for us at all. This leads to frustration, self-hate, and anger too. It is essential to break the pattern and to believe sincerely in the ability of human beings to remake themselves.

“Zindagi Ek jigsaw puzzle ki Tarah hai; mere Jaise log us puzzle ke khoye hue tukde, Sirf dhoondne aur jodne mein madad kar sakte hai, par only you can complete the puzzle!”

Zindagi Ek jigsaw puzzle ki Tarah hai

Our mind is filled with a lot of information we have learned over the years, and we try and understand new information in association with the old. Only you have the agency and power to rearrange the information in a way that helps you learn and grow and form an opinion to live by. Your mind, your thought, and your idea are sort of like a puzzle whose image changes every day and with the right lens, becomes better every day.

“We are all our teachers in the school of life.”

We are all our teachers in the school of life

Self-learning is important. Life is unpredictable, the best thing one can do is prepare for anything by all the past experiences, and at the same time, it is essential to learn from our mistakes to make sure that we are not going to do it again.

“Tum agar khul kar ro nahi sakogi toh khulkar has kaise sakogi”

Tum agar khul kar ro nahi sakogi toh khulkar has kaise sakogi

Your joy is your sorrow unmasked, and the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was often filled with your tears.

When you are JOYOUS, look deep into your heart, and you shall find it is only that which has given you “SORROW” that is giving you “JOY.”

When you are SORROWFUL, look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth, you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

Dear Zindagi has taught us that it is a liberation of life that we are blessed with emotions.

“Kabhi Kabhi hum mushkil rasta is liye chunte hain kyun ki hume lagta hain apnea ap ko punish Karna bahut zaroori hain. But why? Aasan rasta kyun nhi chun sakte?”

Kabhi Kabhi hum mushkil rasta is liye chunte hain kyun ki hume

We all at some point in life are so critical of ourselves because we don’t perform up to our expectations. Sometimes it is essential to choose the path which is easy because it can be right for you.

 “As you grow up, you are left with a limited number of friends, and that’s okay. Quality of friends > Quantity of friends.”

As you grow up

It is okay to let go. Never try to fill the void of your life by doing things which are not adding value to your life. Dear Zindagi has also taught us to imagine life with less!

“In a society that’s always ready to judge you, stop judging people. And don’t let others bog you down with their judgment.”

In a society that's always ready to judge you

Being human is having to be both the one who doesn’t judge and the one who doesn’t make any judgments.

“You need to sit on ‘many chairs’ before sitting on the right one that comforts you for life!”

You need to sit on 'many chairs'

Dear Zindagi made us believe in trying and never to give up!

“Seeking help for mental health and well-being is normal.”

Seeking help for mental health

The word depression doesn’t need a blanket ban. Encourage and facilitate help-seeking wherever possible.

Dear Zindagi taught us many other things. It has questioned what is closer to people who are closer to depression? The answer is comfort, feeling unburdened. As long as we have our senses, even just one, we can conquer our fears beautifully. It has given a new perspective to many towards mental health, and we are thankful to Gauri Shinde and the special Zindagi entire team for that! So if you haven’t watched the movie, it is an absolute must-watch.

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