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What Does Hell Look Like?



What Does Hell Look Like?

We generally hear the word “HELL” in our life when people get frustrated with some deeds, and not feeling fit in what they are, in situations like being punished, lack in peace. So what does actual Hell look like? Is it the same we see in some patriotic movies? Do you know that various religions have various types of hells? How are they different from each other? You might have listened to some stories in childhood. Right? Yes! Almost everyone knows what hell looks like in their way(religious). Now we will see how hell looks like in different religions across the world. 



Greeks were the first to make the concept of hell. They called the place Hades. He is the ruler of Hades. The people who did sins will get punishments like vulture eats the liver. It also says that we can’t get food even if it is just before us. The punishment is a person not able to eat an apple placed on one’s head or sentences like pushing a rock from the hill, for eternity it should rollback. 



In Christianity, hell is a fusion of Gehenna(Greek’s ideas of hell) and Hades (Jew’s visions of hell). The people who do sins will get punished in hell and exposed to pain. Gehenna is a place where people who commit sins are burnt. Hades is the area where they will meet endless misery. Milton’s paradise and Dante’s Inferno made the graphic idea of hell. 



From Hinduism, the Hindu people believe that hell is where the souls of people go for sins done while they are alive. Hell is not at all considered to be a permanent place for a soul. Instead, according to them, after the punishment the souls are reborn. They are reborn with merits(either as lower or higher values). Yamaraj controls the hell.

In Hinduism, hell and heaven are both parts of religious history. The name of Hell is Naraka in Hinduism. Chitragupta has accounts of every person with life on the Earth. He has the record of the sins made by people. He is the companion of king Yamaraj. Chitragupta will decide whether a person is going to be sent to hell or heaven according to the record he has. The history of every deed of a live human being is in his book. Punishment is according to his/her acts. 



Buddhism says that Nirvana is the concept that makes a person free from the life cycle. But some Buddhists also believe that hell and heaven do exist.

For Buddhists, hells do not exist. They believe that any person could not escape from the eternal and endless circle of life and death. Buddhism’s idea of hell is very distinct from other religions. They have a different concept with hell and heaven. They believe in after-life (living even after dying). Buddhism says that the images of hell and heaven are psychological and illusional. 



Well, the idea of Sikhism is close to Hinduism and Buddhism on the scale. They don’t have a place like a hell. You have to go through 8.4 million reincarnation cycles and be ruined through death and retaking birth. They believe that a person cannot end when the soul is with ego and selfishness. Their idea of ending life(stopping from taking rebirth) when the soul is pure. 



Jannat and Jahanum are the concepts of hell for Muslims. They believe that people who commit sins will suffer from torture and punishment. The sinner is made to wear a fire garment and lashed with iron rods. If the sinner tries to escape, they are dragged back and told to taste conflagration’s torment. They believe in sinners getting more torture and eternal pain. 



Judaism is a religion of Jews. They believe that hell is more of a place where the soul gets cleaned. They believe in making pure souls rather than punishing. Some Jews even believe in Sheol. Sheol is the place where everything is dark and gloomy. Every jew is supposed to go through this place before entering heaven. It means heaven bids you after Sheol. It cleans the sins committed by people. Sheol is a pit stop place. Sheol is a mythical place. So they believe in cleansing the soul after death and before going into heaven.



Zoroastrianism’s concept of hell is selecting people who are sinners and making them fall into hell. The process is making them walk on the bridge, and only pure and righteous souls will go to a maiden. If the soul is not pure and not righteous, the bridge turns, and they fall from the bridge into hell. The name of the bridge is Chinvat Bridge or called a bridge of separation. The good thing here is that there is no eternal suffering. If someone falls into hell, then they leave with a pure soul. 



Diyu is the place where Chinese sinners go after death. The sinners face exposure to tortures. The punishment is round-based. After the first round of torture gets complete, the souls then send to the second round and repeat. There are various levels and chambers in Diyu. They are allowed to speak out for the sins committed when alive. There are courts of hell and ruled by judges. Some say there are three courts, and some say ten courts. 



Shinto is followed mostly in Japan. Yo-no-Kuni or Yomi is the destination where the dead ones go. The great Deity of Yomi rules Shinto. The name of Grand Deity is Izanami no Mikoto. The belief is that it is impossible to get back to living land if a person ate at the heart of Yomi. The religion lies between Buddhism and Confucianism on the scale. The Greek concept of Hades and Shinto’s idea of Yomi is much similar. 

These are different types of hells in different religions, but ultimately the punishment is the same for almost all religions. Don’t MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL even after death, be careful and do not commit any sins. All you need to do is just stay as a pure and honest soul and attain peace.  

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DU Second Cut-Off List Today, Admission Begins On October 11



DU Second Cut-Off List Today, Admission Begins On October 11


Delhi university will release the 2nd cutoff list of 2021 on 9th October 2021 that is today. Students can check list on the official website of du and Students can start taking admission in 2nd cutoff from October 11 at 10 am to October 12, 11:59 pm 

About the Admissions

University of Delhi has received more than 60,000 applications in 1st cutoff list and more than 27,000 students have submitted their fees also.

As Friday was the day to apply in the first cutoff and for fees submission and Thursday was the last day for approval of admission from college.

According to the data received, approx 60,904 applications were received in the first three days and approx 27,006 candidates have paid their fees.

Statement of Top Colleges 

Principal of hindu college, Anju Shrivastava said our colleges received 2000 admissions for 956 seats in three days and in the second cutoff all the programme courses will be closed for general category students. 

We will close the admission in political Science(H), History (H), philosophy(H), Ba programme and other science courses.

And we have seats left only for Ba(H)Economics Hons and

In Hansraj college, 457 students have taken admission in science courses,and commerce and arts courses have 403 admissions. 70 students have taken admission in BSc.(H)computer science for which cutoff was 100%

Miranda house got 1600 admissions. Miranda house will not take applications for political Science (H), chemistry (H), physics(H) and Zoology (H).

However seats are left only in sociology(H), History (H), Economics (H) and in Ba programme courses.

Kamla Nehru College got the highest number of admissions in political Science (H), mathematics (H), Economics (H), hindi(H), sociology (H). Seats for reserved category for these courses are full. 


Even in high cut offs, colleges received a large number of applications and it is expected that University will not release more cutoffs as seats are full in most of the colleges.

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Current Affairs

Raj Kundra Pornography Case Updates: Bombay HC Directs Take Down Of Certain Content Against Shilpa Shetty



Raj Kundra Pornography Case Updates Bombay HC Directs Take Down Of Certain Content Against Shilpa Shetty

One of the most discussed and limelighted cases in the town is Raj Kundra Pornography case. Every critic out there is interested in the next stone unturned. After all, gossips are what refreshes everyone. Mumbai Police Crime Branch handed over the case to the Property Cell.

The day since Raj Kundra was charged in cases, his wife Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s name has been popping up simultaneously. She has been continuously pictured. 

What’s sizzling!

In 2007, the month of April was not just any month. To take you back in time, Shilpa Shetty and Richard Gere caused a stir in the media and harmed a large number of people when photos from their AIDS awareness event in New Delhi went viral. The AIDS awareness event in the national capital, like any other star-studded event, drew the media and photographers. It was here that Hollywood star Richard Gere unexpectedly took Shilpa Shetty’s hand and kissed it while she was speaking. 

Shilpa was shocked by Gere’s surprise action, which resulted in an exceedingly uncomfortable posture. Gere’s kiss made headlines, drawing the fury of furious political workers who said the two had desecrated Indian culture. Unfortunately, many people criticised Shilpa for not standing up and opposing Gere’s move.

Why once again in the limelight?

Raj Kundra Pornography Case Why once again in the limelight?

Paparazzis but need something popping in their daily aid to talk about. There is absolutely no connection between the Raj Kundra case and the almost 14-year old video of Gere kissing Shilpa Shetty. 

Without thinking of one’s respect, just dragging them into the field is absolutely absurd. But to keep some spice on, something is needed.

Shilpa Shetty’s plea

Shilpa Shetty’s plea

Shilpa pleaded in the Bombay High Court to take down her videos off the ongoing topic as there is a line between Freedom Of Press and Right To Privacy, which need to be balanced.

Following the arrest of her husband Raj Kundra on 19th July in a case involving the suspected production and broadcasting of pornographic content on apps, the three videos made comments about Shetty’s moral standing and went on to criticise the quality of her parenting.

Shetty had lodged an appeal prohibiting the media from publishing any “incorrect, misleading, harmful, or defamatory” information in an interim plea.

High Court on Shilpa’s appeal

High Court on Shilpa’s appeal

Justice Patel stated that the plaintiff’s request for media restraint will have a “chilling impact on press freedom.” Court has given orders to take down the video from the social media platforms and should not be uploaded again keeping in mind one’s personal privacy and she is also a parent to a minor.

Currently up with the case

Currently up with the case

Sherlyn Chopra, who gave a statement in connection with the case to the Mumbai Crime Branch’s Property Cell on Tuesday, accused Kundra of sexual assault in a complaint, alleging that Kundra once showed up “unannounced.” Following an argument between them. He arrived at her house and began “kissing” her despite her “resistance.” Kundra allegedly informed Sherlyn that his marriage to Shilpa Shetty was “difficult.”

Key Conspirator of the case

Kundra set up Armsprime Media Pvt Ltd. Which, through London-based Kenrin Pvt Ltd, purchased the ‘Hotshots’ software to publish offensive films on social media, according to the police. They further said Kundra made over Rs 1.17 crore by posting pornographic videos on Hotshots between August and December last year.

During searches at the accused’s office, authorities claimed to have discovered 51 pornographic movies. 35 of which had the Hotshots logo and 16 of which had the BollyFame logo. The criminal branch identified Kundra as the case’s “chief conspirator” after his arrest.

What now?

Raj Kundra Pornography Case anticipatory bail plea in the Maharashtra Cyber Department case of 2020 will be heard by the Mumbai Sessions Court. The order will be issued on August 2nd. Due to a lack of time today, the court delayed the order.

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10 Skin Care Tips for Healthy Skin- Do’s and Don’ts



Skin care

Skincare regime is essential because our superbly hectic lifestyles and missing out can cause havoc on our skin. There are several beauty products on our disposal to help us with this purpose, but do they actually solve our woes? The answer to this lies in the fact that how do we go ahead with their usage. But we tend to follow up on beauty trends. It is usually super confusing as we tend to go towards the stream. The trends are evolving today, and there are so many products in the market that we often end up with the wrong skincare products.

To avoid such mishaps, we should take in consideration a few tips. These tips help us eventually in the long run. Furthermore, these tips give us a clearer perspective on which regime will improve our skin’s health. So, in this article, we will jot down those tips (dermatologically approved) that will help you through your perfect skincare regime.

Maintaining a healthy diet

The diet that we take holds the key to our intra and internal health. It is undeniable that a healthy diet makes our skin glow from within. According to researchers, our skin has a natural barrier that maintains the moisture and essential to this is the omega-3 fatty acid. The biggest source of omega-3 is flaxseeds, and you can add it directly to your diet. Add it to your salads as a dressing or in your bowl of cereals. And make sure that your simple and complex intake is balanced. These pointers will help you maintain a balanced diet.

Greens should be a must

If you are not a big fan of green veggies, you can sneak your greens in your smoothies or any other health juice. Rather than that veritable cup of coffee, opt for a simple smoothie which will oxygenate your skin and reduce any puffy skin. The chlorophyll shot will also boost your metabolism and will bolster up your natural defence system. You will observe immediate improvement in your skin and trust us; this tip will help you in the long run!

Stay hydrated, in and out

Our body is composed of 70% water, and you can naturally deduce that hydration is of utmost importance to our health. A lack of hydration will lead to less radiance and more sagging of the skin. The upper dermis withers away overtime, and a necessitated amount of hydration daily helps with it. 

Choose the correct cleanser for your skin type

Now if we talk about our intra means, then cleanser definitely tops the list of skincare products that are used daily. We often end up with the wrong type of cleanser, by just being attracted to its advertising, retail has got us all bad! To avoid such crucial mishaps, we should first get our skin analysed by a skincare expert and understand our skin type. After this, we can always end up with the best cleanser that suits our skin type. Meanwhile, also watch out for any reactions or if your skin is sensitive to any particular type of product.

Don’t use too many products at the same time

Slathering your skin with various products simultaneously is a horrible decision when it comes to skincare, and the repercussions are often far from favourable. Watch out for such mistakes and go for rather a minimal layering which could be just moisturisers or a good moisturising foundation/day cream, whichever suits your daily schedule. Don’t get influenced by beauty influencers who show that multiple layering is good, but in the long run, you will realise that it harmed the skin more than helping it.

Moisturise twice

Yes, you saw it right, moisturising is the key when it comes to achieving that radiance that we aim for. The skin loses its natural moisture due to external factors and tends to become dry and itchy, and in this situation, regular moisturising becomes our saviour. While buying keep in mind that lotions are a total no-no and fragrant creams are equally harmful.

Direct heat exposure should be avoided

Sunburn is often considered the general form of heat damage but due to known even a few minutes in front of a heater or a fireplace can wreak havoc on your skin. The natural collagen of the skin gets damaged in the process. So, avoid direct exposure to heat as much as you can, like maybe stay 7-8 feet away.

Exfoliate 2-3 times a week

The barrage of dead skin cells that our skin holds on leads to blocking of pores and accumulation of sebum. If not dealt properly with, we can have acne and breakout issues. The answer to this issue would be exfoliation of the skin every week. And it would help if you kept in mind that your exfoliator shouldn’t rob your skin of its natural ph.

Keep your skincare regime minimal

Fad beauty products might attract you at first but in the long run, they harm the skin with irreversible damage. Keep in mind that the faster they are on the shelves, the faster some other product takes their place. Stick to a good cleanser and moisturiser and keep them as the focal point of your skincare regime.

Beauty sleep is a real thing

The designated 8 hours of sleep is near to impossible nowadays, but you can always manage your sleep schedule, smarter sleeping could be the key! Alongside this also choose the right material for your pillowcases which in most cases should be silk. As silk glides and doesn’t add to creasing or wrinkling of skin. The same works for our hair as tangling and breaking reduces. Better skin by just sleeping right, yes please!

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